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12 Steps to Spiritual Wholeness



Twelve Steps to Spiritual Wholeness

The Twelve Step program at St. Alban's provides a systematic framework to investigate the work that we can do to allow God to work more fully in our lives.

Make no mistake, there is nothing magical about the Steps. They simply list in a systematic way the work we must do to allow God to work more fully in our lives. But it is precisely this breaking things down into small achievable goals that constitutes the great value of the Steps. These Steps give us a "handle" on the spirituals life.

These steps are studied each Wednesday morning at 7:00 am in the St. Alban's Parish Hall.



1. Admitting Our Powerlessness
Powerlessness and Sin
The Roots of Selfishness
Practicing Step One
Questions for Reflection
2. Trusting in a Higher Power
Faith and Reason
Jesus as Our Hope
Peace Beyond Understanding
Working Step Two
Questions for Reflection
3. Centering in God
Who Is Your God?
Surrender of the Will
Surrender of Our Lives
'Me Inner Struggle
Loving in the Spirit
Questions for Reflection
4. Knowing Ourselves
Values and Choices
The Inventory
A Suggested Format
Questions for Reflection
5. Admitting Our Wrongs
Letting Go
The Fifth Step Counselor
Sacramental Reconciliation
Taking the Fifth Step
Questions for Reflection
6. Eliminating Character Defects
Understanding Emotional Pain
Identifying Character Defects
Time for Change
Questions for Reflection
7. Letting Go, Letting God
False Ego Needs
True Needs
Tending the Garden
Questions for Reflection
8. Making Peace in Relationships
Make a List
Be Willing to Make Amends
Questions for Reflection
9. Making Amends and Forgiveness
Approaching Others
Promises of the Twelve Steps
Questions for Reflection
10. Living One Day at a Time
Inventory and Amends
Commitment to Growth
Questions for Reflection
11. Meeting God Through Prayer
Relationship With God
Essentials of Prayer
Contemplative Prayer Forms
Change and Growth
Questions for Reflection
12. Walking the Walk
The Value of Spirituality
Stages on the Spiritual Journey
Giving and Receiving
Daily Living
Questions for Reflections



The Very Reverend Billie Abraham, RectorThe Reverend Deacon Josie Williams

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