The Path: Church-Wide Bible Study

St. Alban’s is launching a church-wide focus on knowing and living our story by reading the Bible together this coming program year. All of us, kids to adults, will focus on the same Bible story each week, taking breaks for Advent/ Christmas and Lent/ Easter.

Path Reading Schedule


1. Creation: A Love Story Begins


2. The Flood: There's a Wideness in God's Mercy


3. Abraham: Covenant Love


4. Jacob: Wrestling with God


5. Moses: Remembering Who and Whose We Are


6. The Ten Commandments: God's Vision Statement


7. Joshua: As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord


8. Judges: Remembering God in Good Times and Bad


9. Ruth: Insiders & Outsiders


10. Samuel: Demanding a King


11. David: What is God's Address?


12. Solomon: How do You Know a King When You See One?


13. Prophets: The Conscience of the People


14. God's Power in the Fiery Furnance


15. Nehemiah: The Persistence of Stories


16. Incarnation


17. The Time is Fullfilled


18. Healing Body, Mind & Soul


19. Winter Storm


20. Leaving Room for Doubt


21. Early Pentecost


22. Paul: God Keeps Doing New Things


23. James: Being Doers of the Word


24. The Alpha and The Omega